Our Story

My name is Marie, my nephews like to call me “Ree Ree”. I am joined by two very strong, brave and hard working women.

My Courageous Mom Marion who will be making your call to us exciting, fun and Prioritized and my Stupendous Sister Michele who brings dedication, client interaction and business support services to make Ree’s Desk the best it can be.

Since I began working in an office I quickly excelled at administrative functions, and computer operation. I would always help friends with resumes, letters, basic computer, contract reviews, marketing presentations and office tasks. In 2011 , a good friend ask for my help with creating basic stationary, logo and business information sheet for the company. He was grateful and impressed with my skills and suggested I charge for my services. Immediately, following the completion of his project, I realized my skills and experience were valuable enough to market myself to the public and it was a good way to make some extra money.

I began building a price list and started working with various types of small business owner and startups. The advantage in hiring “Ree’s” is it eliminates adding a full-time or even part-time office staff in the administrative assistant or secretary function as you begin your small business, or even throughout your operation. The value add with me, is that you have a confidential, professional with over 25 years experience at your service.

Meet the Team


Marie Macera
Marion Macera
Customer Service Facilitator
Michele “Macera” Cattani
Vice President